Wednesday, June 25, 2008!

1. I have just finished the first of three inservice days on the new state standards. WOW. and, when my session first started I had to take a math test. WHAT!? I wasn't ready to think! I guess they wanted to see if math teachers actually know math. (it was done annonymously and we wont know how we did.)

2. I found out today that in order to teach algebra (that I one day hope to do) I will ALSO have to go to a week long training this summer that costs $550. I am hoping that the school will pay all or some of that. (and there goes one moreweek of my summer break...)

3. One of the other teachers that went today said her 13 year old daughter went to the doctor for a checkup and, GET THIS, he told the THIRTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL, who is quite slim and tall, that she was HEAVIER than 75% of the girls her age.W.T.F???

Is he TRYING to push this girl into an eating disoder? I literally want to go punch this doctor in the face. What is he thinking telling a kid that? idiot.

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Pissed Off said...

In NY, 6th grade and 7th grade math has most of the same topics as 8th grade algebra. I'm sure you aced your exams.

Having to take a course during vacation sucks.