Saturday, February 21, 2009

Come see me in a play!

Come see The Diviners (I'm in it!) at Bethel

Thursday, Friday, & Saturday nights at 7:30 (Feb 26-28)
Sunday afternoon at 2:00 (March 1)

The tickets are $5 at the door.

I'll be signing autographs after each performance

(parental guidance is suggested but I think it's because there is some mild language in it)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Check out this contest

Go here and sign up to follow her blog. you might just win some books! (and if you go there and do that, tell her I sent you!)

Remembering Charlie

A very good friend of my parents died today.
I just saw him on Friday and he looked and seemed great. It was a last minute decision to run by my parents after school and I am glad I did. He and his wife Peggy were over there.
Charlie was someone that I have known all of my life. He always liked to tell the story that he drove all the way from Alabama just to see me when I was born. We spent many many summers at the river where my parents and several others have trailers. It all began with the Music City fishing club but it came to be much more. They had huge cookouts during the summer and had horseshoe tournaments. Charlie was one of the b
est and earned the nickname Charlie Horseshoe.
We took several trips to Florida with them and visited them in Nashville a lot before they moved to Waverly.
He always had a smile and a "whatcha say, cat" every time I saw him.
Over the last couple of years he had a few mini strokes but seemed to be doing better. Saturday night Peggy found him unconscious. They think he had an aneurysm or stroke. He died at 5:30 today.

Here is a picture of Charlie and me in Florida when I was about 2

and one with Charlie and my daddy before heading out to eat

Rest in Peace, Charlie Horseshoe. You'll be missed.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sandi was a big girl today....

My daddy had knee surgery today so I ran a few errands before heading to the hospital (he's just fine, thanks for asking)

The first stop was the podiatrist. A couple of months ago I got orthotics to correct a big toe joint issue in both feet. They've helped tremendously but my left foot would still pop every now and then and that kinda hurt. I figured I needed to orthotic adjusted. My brilliant podiatrist was able to ask a few questions, fiddle with the foot a little, and tell me that it was a nerve in the foot that had a sort of scar tissue around it. (He said this a common thing among runners as well...though I am no runner yet)
He told me it was something that needed to be taken care of soon so it wouldn't get worse.

I start thinking "I'm going to have to have surgery! I'll have to wait til this summer when school's out........."

Then he says "we just inject a little medicine in there and after a while that shrinks back to normal...blah blah...

I didn't catch much else...INJECT medicine?!? I can feel myself breathing faster and starting to panic. He leaves to go get the needle. I'm tyring to keep myself from passing out. When he comes back in, I just close my eyes and focus on breathing. He sprays something really cold on my foot and tells me I'll feel a little sting. I tell him not to tell me anything else- just do it.

And I didn't pass out! Most of my left foot was numb and the sensation of walking on it while it was numb made me want to throw up (Ok, so I am a little neurotic)

Now the ball of my foot is swollen and it tingles a bit but that should last a couple of days.

I think because he sprung it on me like that I was able to keep from freaking out so much.

I also got my hair highlighted (I love it) and went to the dentist....I have to get two teeth filled. One of them we had been watching for a while and it has a cracked filling.

This means more needles. I'm already starting to panic.....

Sunday, February 01, 2009

January Reads

The Tales of Beedle the Bard~JK Rowling (Brilliant!)
Kingdom Keepers:Disney After Dark
~Ridley Pearson
(A must read for any Disney fan)
Fade to Blue
~Sean Beaudoin (not released until Spring 09)
(This one had me guessing until the end)
My Sister the Vampire:Switched~Sienna Mercer
(Vampire books for the Middle school set. Really cute books)
My Sister the Vampire:Fangtastic
~Sienna Mercer