Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sandi was a big girl today....

My daddy had knee surgery today so I ran a few errands before heading to the hospital (he's just fine, thanks for asking)

The first stop was the podiatrist. A couple of months ago I got orthotics to correct a big toe joint issue in both feet. They've helped tremendously but my left foot would still pop every now and then and that kinda hurt. I figured I needed to orthotic adjusted. My brilliant podiatrist was able to ask a few questions, fiddle with the foot a little, and tell me that it was a nerve in the foot that had a sort of scar tissue around it. (He said this a common thing among runners as well...though I am no runner yet)
He told me it was something that needed to be taken care of soon so it wouldn't get worse.

I start thinking "I'm going to have to have surgery! I'll have to wait til this summer when school's out........."

Then he says "we just inject a little medicine in there and after a while that shrinks back to normal...blah blah...

I didn't catch much else...INJECT medicine?!? I can feel myself breathing faster and starting to panic. He leaves to go get the needle. I'm tyring to keep myself from passing out. When he comes back in, I just close my eyes and focus on breathing. He sprays something really cold on my foot and tells me I'll feel a little sting. I tell him not to tell me anything else- just do it.

And I didn't pass out! Most of my left foot was numb and the sensation of walking on it while it was numb made me want to throw up (Ok, so I am a little neurotic)

Now the ball of my foot is swollen and it tingles a bit but that should last a couple of days.

I think because he sprung it on me like that I was able to keep from freaking out so much.

I also got my hair highlighted (I love it) and went to the dentist....I have to get two teeth filled. One of them we had been watching for a while and it has a cracked filling.

This means more needles. I'm already starting to panic.....

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