Friday, January 23, 2009

walmart bags

Hubby and I do what we can to save the planet. We recycle what we can, try to buy recycled and earth-friendly products when we can. Something that has really bothered us is the amount of plastic bags we get each week from places like Walmart. I'm not trying to be mean, but some of those cashiers have no clue how to bag items and I have taken stuff out of bags as they were bagging because there was still room in other bags. (I've worked at Walmart, I know how to bag) {wow, I just used the word "bag" a lot}

My hubby got behind someone who brought her own bags and the cashier bitched about it to him after she left. Apparently around here the cashiers don't like people bringing their own (even though walmart sells the reusable bags) Is it a control issue? Is it because it might be more work for them?

Well, we took our own bags to walmart tonight for the first time (these are not the ones sold at walmart). I got "the look" from the cashier when I told her I had my own. She asked me if I preferred for her to bag my items or if I wanted to do it. I could tell she wanted me to, which I didn't mind. She scanned, I bagged. It was very quick. I think it surprised her because she made the comment about keeping me around to bag the rest of the night.

It's all about a system, really. I know this sounds crazy but if there is an order to how you put things on the conveyer, they bag easier. Cans and bulky items first, cold stuff and produce next to last, and bread and chips very last.

All this to say, we got out of Walmart tonight without a single plastic Walmart bag!!

Those bags are bigger than they look (and they were totally free- some of the book complanies were giving them away at the conference in San Antonio). The red one on the end has a pineapple and three apples. The one in the middle has canned food under the bread and chips. The blue one has the small boxes and bags (toothpaste, makeup, gobstopper hearts, etc)

Before we went to Walmart, we stopped at a local Italian Restaurant. They have a fabulous Vegetable Lasagna. It was after the waitress brought our drinks out that she told us they were out of the lasagna!
So we left.
It was the first time we have ever done that, but dangit, that's what I wanted. And how can you be out of lasagna! You're an Italian restaurant!

I'll probably be neglecting this blog a little until after the play-which opens the last weekend of February. I expect everyone I know to come see it

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