Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 Random things about me

1. I was in a local PBS commercial with my third grade class in 1982 or 83. (I really wish I could see this again)
2. I am terrified of spiders
3. I collect Barbie dolls. I prefer the ones from movies/tv shows/books.
4. I am an unapologetic book nerd. It makes me completely giddy when I get new books...even though I am running out of places for them. I love recommending books for people, talking about books, meeting authors, etc
5. I watched the first Harry Potter movie about 15 times in little over a week when it came out on dvd.
6. I considered getting a tattoo once but was too indecisive about what to get (don't tell my mother!)
7. I love looking at photographs and scrapbooks, even if I don't know the people in them
8. I am not a very good speller.
9. My mother still has a spelling test of mine from second grade where I misspelled April.
10. I was once so excited to see the ocean in Florida that I ran right into the sliding glass door- a story my family loves to tell over and over and over
11. I tend to pass out when I get shots or blood drawn, etc. This didn't start until I was 18 and had a cavity filled. Just the thought of needles makes me light headed.
12. I quote tv shows and movies (and sometimes Broadway shows) in conversations.
13. I have terrible handwriting
14. But I can write with both hands legibly (just not neatly)
15. I am addicted to chapstick
16. I talk to my animals and know they understand (most of the time)
17. I hate little green peas (also known as English peas)
18. I've seen RENT onstage 6 times (Nashville-2, Memphis-2, Louisville-1, NYC-1)
19. I keep ticket stubs from all movies, plays, musicals, etc
20. I like the look of guys in eyeliner
21. I played clarinet and baritone sax in high school but I don't remember how to read music anymore
22. I put lotion on the backs of my hands only and rub them together
23. I notice a person's teeth almost immediately when I meet them
24. When I was in high school every visible space of wall was covered with posters of the New Kids on the Block. And I saw them in concert I think three times. I still have all of those posters in a box in the attic.
25. I am mentioned in an acknowledgments of the book Son of the Sword: River of Doors

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bb mumblings said...

since you like men in eyeliner- please disregard my dave navarro snark