Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas is WHEN?!?

TWO DAYS? no. cant be. surely the calendar is wrong!

where has the time gone?

Some random Christmas things you may not know (but you know you are dying to hear!):

1.We havent put up a tree in several years. Two reasons, really, a. where we used to live, no one really saw it.

and b. my cat knocked it over the last time I put one up. Hopefully I will get one to put up next year. It needs to be pre-lit though.

2.I dont buy many gifts at Christmas, but the ones I plan to give are already bought. Thank goodness, because people are psycho at the stores now! And too many people spend more than they can really afford.

3.Mark and I dont exchange gifts and haven't since we married. People are always shocked by this. At first it was because we were poor college students and didnt have the money. Our feelings are if there is something that one of us needs or wants (within reason) and we can afford it, we try to get it through out the year. Why wait til Christmas?

4. Forget A Christmas Story, It's a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 49th street, etc etc etc...My favorite Christmas-watching movie has become Rent. Why, you ask? Well, it begins and ends on Christmas day (or Christmas eve) and the sense of family among friends is great. So, we'll be watching it again on Christmas night at my house :). Its our newest holiday tradition.

whatever your traditions, beliefs, or celebrations, I wish you-my friends and readers- the happiest of holidays

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