Saturday, December 01, 2007

what was I thinking?

After working all day with these hooligans , I chaperoned a dance tonight. The other student council sponsor and I stayed after school until 5 decorating the cafeteria and the gym (the gym decorations consisted of christmas lights taped to the wall).
I ran home and changed clothes and got back to school a little before 6. We had about 100 kids show up. We knew ahead of time who was coming but still ended getting too much food. We fed them chicken strips, sub sandwiches, chips & drinks, and we had fruit and veggie trays. After eating we moved to the gym for the dance.

Lawdy mercy.

I got the music together using the Now thats what I call music cds plus whatever music some of the kids brought to me ahead of time to put on my ipod. You can imagine what the music was like----- the clean versions of Crank that (Soulja Boy), T-Pain, Chris Brown, and other crap-tastic music. I did include some Taylor Swift, Colbie Calliett, Paramore, Fall out Boy, etc.
The kids literally cheered when Soulja Boy came on.

The dance was over at 9:30 and the student coucil members were supposed to stay and help clean up. Only a handful did and most of them left by 10:15. With Mark's help we ended up getting out of there a little after 11.

I'm beat. But the kids had a great time. We only had to bust up some smoochers twice I think.

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