Sunday, May 11, 2008


(this post is about clothes shopping....fair warning)

After visiting the inlaws yesterday, Mark and I went to the Rivergate mall in Nashville. I needed some new jeans and wanted a couple of tops.
I hate shopping. Mostly bc I cant find clothes that fit well. Most tops made for people with boobs look like maternity tops on me. No Thanks.

And jeans.... I faced the facts years ago- I have fat thighs. It's a genetic quirk of mine. Is it really so hard for clothing manufacturers to make jeans with a little more room in the thighs?


I have a couple pairs of jeans from Lane Bryant but once they switched to the weird color/number combination I can't find any that fit. (Blue 1? yellow 3? Red 1?) One day I tried on about 6 pairs of jeans before I gave up.

I decided to start at the anchor stores first- Dillards was the first store. I NEVER shop in Dillards. and I was to the point where I was just going to up-size....and truthfully, it was going to hurt my feelings if I had to (I'm just being honest here).
(Another gripe of mine is how nothing is STANDARD. One pair of pants in my size fits in the waist but not the thighs, another pair in my size cant be buttoned, another fits in the thighs but not the waist, honestly wtf?)
So when found the jeans section I grabbed several pairs of jeans in both the size I usually wear and some in the size larger. the first pair I tried on was too long (even though the were regulars) and a tad snug in the thigh (but were stretchy).
I tried on the larger size and they were too big in the waist.
I found some shorter lenght jeans in my size, tried them on and THEY FIT! They were DKNY brand (which is not something I would normally try on either.) I also got two shirts.
I couldn't believe it- that was all at the first store.
I didn't have any luck at the other stores. But I have a pair of jeans. I consider that success. :)

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