Wednesday, May 28, 2008

NYC blog- day one

You'll have to forgive any mistakes and ramblings. I have either allergies or a cold. But I can finally hear out of my right ear so yay!

After sleeping Friday night on perhaps the worst pillows ever created, we dragged ourselves out of the hotel and got to the airport around 5ish. The flight was fine and as we got closer to NYC we couldn see the Statue of Liberty from the plane. even though I've seen it before it never fails to make me a little giddy. Mark and Kari were even excited (though Mark claims it was bc we were finally on solid ground)

I planned the trip through and reserved shuttle service as well (this helped out alot). Once we got to the hotel we checked in but couldnt get in the room yet so we left our bags with the bellman. This is a great thing that the hotel does because we got there about 11:30 and weren't able to get into the room until after 3. we didnt want to drag our luggage around the city.

At first we walked to the theatre where Forbidden Broadway shows. But they were on hiatus (even though their website said it wasnt until Monday that they were going to be on hiatus) I was disappointed.

I had already planned out much of what we were going to do and had lots of google maps printed off. First we walked to Grand Central Station. Everyone needs to see this place. And find the Whispering wall. Two people stand in opposite corners facing the wall. you can hear the person clearly when they talk. It's really cool (check out this youtube video about Grand Central

We then ventured a little further to the NY Public Library. This building is immortalized in movies like Ghostbusters and Day After Tomorrow. Unfortunately they were closed so we couldnt peek inside.

We walked further to the Empire State Building. We didn't go up in it but took a few pics. And Chipotle was beside it. That's where we got possible the biggest burritos I've ever seen. We were all hungry by then so we ate there. Yum

We tried getting tickets to Lion King or Wicked but they were both sold out. We heard about a new musical called In the Heights that has been nominated for 13 Tony awards so we decided try to get tickets for it. It was a great show. It is based in the Washington Heights area. My favorite song from the show was No Me Diga. We had "obsturcted view" seats so we were able to get them for half price. There were only a couple of scenes that were we couldnt see that well. Otherwise- great seats.

We explored Times Square a bit. I was wearing a red and white striped shirt that i had changed in to for the evening. Some people in NY feel the need to comment on things to get your attention. One guy said to me "Hey I found Waldo!" I ignored him. What he doesn't know is that with my last name being what it is, I get that a lot. (rolling my eyes here). I also about squealed when I saw that gigantic New Kids on the Block billboard! I still want to see them in concert, I dont care how bad they might be.

We saw a girl who had on possibly the tightest shorts I have ever seen. Someone made the comment that they were so tight she had rear camel toe. Ouch. Those couldnt have been comfortable. And we wouldnt have noticed but she stood right in our faces while we were eating pizza at Famiglia's.

We were exhausted after getting up at 4 that morning and walking all over the place. it was probably midnight when we finally went to bed. A fun first day though!
(go check out my pictures in the album NYC 2008 if you've not done so already)

So the blog post wont be huge, I'll break this up into different posts. Day two coming up soon!

Here is a video of us trying to get a photo on the plane. We didnt realize it was set to video teehee

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