Wednesday, May 28, 2008

NYC blog- day three

If you are just now joining me on my blogtour of New York, this is blog three. Please start at blog one and make your way up. Also, please remain seated for the duration of the ride. Thank you.

We had considered, for maybe 30 seconds, getting up early and standing outside the Today show. We vetoed that when we discovered how much walking we were going to be doing and how tired we were. So Monday we slept in. Which for Mark and me means about 8.

We went to Junior's restaurant for a late breakfast and then rode the subway as far as we could to the World Trade Center site. When I was here in March of 2007 there was a place where you could see a timeline and the names of the people who were killed. It was a touching tribute. This time there was none of that. They had closed it up and it looked like a regular construction site. Which I guess is what they are wanting.

We walked on to Battery Park. And our poor feet and legs were killing us. Here you can get on the ferry to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island (for which the line was LOOOOOOONG and you have to pay.) We decided to go the cheap route and got on the FREE Staten Island ferry. We entered the station and got in with the huge crowd of people. I was surprised that so many people were waiting but the ferry was not even close to being full when we took off. While it doesnt stop at the Statue or Ellis Island, it goes right by them and provides good photo ops. its maybe a twenty to thirty minute boat ride to Staten Island. Everyone has to get off the ferry but we just walked around the station and got right back on. It's a neat experience.

Since the sub lines were shut down in this area they had a free shuttle bus back to the sub station. (thank goodness!) We got back to Times Square and saw that the line for Madame Tussauds wax museum wasnt long. The wax museum was a lot of fun (tho a little pricey at $29 each) It's worth doing. The first room was called something like Celebrity party. You look over a balcony at all the "stars" below. Kari said, "Hey there's George Bush" I didnt see him..and come to find out, she was talking about Dan Rather... I wont tell you who else she mistook while we were in there....I let her tell that story.
I had a lot of fun doing goofy poses with the wax people. We were hoping to see Orlando, but alas....

We ate supper at Hard Rock. They took our picture when we came in and then tried to sell it to us for about 20 bucks. Um, no thanks. the self portrait we took on the plane was better than that photo. BTW, if you are of age, you might want to rethink ordering a Huricane. I'll tell you that story in person one day.

We shopped a little more on Times Square. then walked to the Cold Stone Creamery that was close to the hotel. I have never seen so many people packed into a place to get ice cream before. I recommend Chocolate Devotion- chocolate ice cream, mini chocolate chips, fudge brownie, and chocolate syrup. SLURP!

We had to get up fairly early the next morning to check out. Our shuttle to the airport was 15 minutes late and I was about to freak. He finally got there and then drove like a maniac to pick up one more person and get us all to the airport. My head was already a little stuffy from allergies and my right ear didnt pop after we landed. I spent yesterday afternoon feeling like I had an earplug in one year. I'm glad to be home, but I still LOVE NY!
Mark said in my next career I should give walking tours of NYC.

A couple of tips for anyone interested:
1. Juno and 13 going on 30 are good-lengthed movies to watch on the plane to and from NY (thank you ipod)(one each way)

2. Invest in a subway map. the one we have is laminated and pocket sized. It was a life saver and we got pretty adept at reading it.

3. Wear a good pair of walking shoes. you will walk A LOT and there are few places to sit, especially in Times Square.

4. "Wi-Fi" is not really available everywhere. There were a couple places where we could pick it up, but very few. Mark suggests bringing a GPS.

5.The Staten Island ferry is a great way to see the statue of liberty if you dont want to get off at the statue or ellis island.

6. Be alert, but dont be afraid. Most people we asked for directions, etc were really nice about it. As with any trip you take-Just dont be stupid.

Hmm, There are probably more.


Pissed Off said...

I am a native New Yorker that loves seeing the city the way you did. There are days I get on the subway and get off wherever the mood hits.

Too bad you missed Ellis Island. It is really great and worth the money. If you go early enough you have time to visit the statue on same trip.

My parents used to take us for rides on staten island ferry when we were young. It cost a nickel in each direction and was a really great way to spend a summer day.

sandi said...

I agree, I think everyone needs to see Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. This was my 4th trip to NY and I've seen them before. It was the first for my hubby and friend. I left it up to them as to whether we went to Ellis Island or not. If we go back, I'll make sure it's not a holiday so the lines won't be as long!