Sunday, March 30, 2008

Rent! (or, how I came to be a stalker)

The girls that I went to New York with last November decided to see Rent yesterday. I met Lana at the interstate and rode with her to Beth’s house.
We ate at Demo’s (quite yummy, not too expensive. I recommend it highly)
We then sprinted to TPAC and made it in right as they were closing the doors. As always, Rent was amazing. I was the only one of the group that had seen it before. Only one of them didn’t like it. (kinda doesn’t surprise me though)

This was most of the same cast that I had seen in November in Memphis. Maureen was played by an understudy, but she was fantastic. Angel was less annoying this time than he had been before (in Memphis he kept switching between singing high and low. got on my nerves)

Every time the song starts after the line "the power blows" I get chills and tear up a little. I know I’m going to be bawlin my eyes out when I finally get to see it in New York.

After it was over I HAD to find the stage door. Most of the actors are nice enough to stick around and get pictures taken with the fans. Two of the guys (Tim and Corey in my display pic) that I had gotten a picture with in Memphis were heading out when I stopped them. (Before in Memphis there was another one with them, he wasnt there this time) I asked if he was sick and they said he was. I told them to tell him that a fan missed him. They asked me if I had been there before since I looked familiar (ACK!) and I said that I had seen them in November and got my picture with them then. They said they remembered me.

I think it’s because of my awesomeness that I was remembered....the girls in my group, however, think I’m a stalker... Not me!

I just like the show......honest

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