Monday, March 17, 2008

remember the little guy

As many of you know, I am a big book nerd. I’m quite proud of that actually. Over the past few years I’ve been toying with writting something. I’ve said before that there is a story inside me waiting to get written.

When you think of authors, big names usually come to mind and many times people assume that all authors get the treatment that JK Rowling does (though she didn’t start out that way). I have discovered that’s not at all the case.
It’s crazy what goes on behind the scenes, and I don’t know the half of it.

Did you know that many authors, especially those going through independant publishers or those that are self-publishing, get next to nothing for their books? I read where one author gets .25 per book that he sells through Amazon. PER BOOK! This is crazy.

Also, many times authors have to buy their own books. (so if you know someone who has written a book, don’t ask for free copies, buy your own, or see if the author will sell you one).

One of my friends is in the process of publishing his first novel. I was honored to be asked to read through it during the revision stage and talk to him about his plans for the next book.

I say all of this because, dear readers, I want you to keep reading the mainstream, well-promoted books but also don’t forget about the smaller published books.

Keep an eye out for my March reading list at the end of the month. It’ll have at least one book that is being published through a small publishing company.

And be assured that if a book is on my list, it’s a good one (or I’ll make sure I tell you it isn’t) and you need to read the books that I list.
If I had more time I’d start reviewing books again. Maybe this summer......

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