Monday, February 01, 2010

2010 books

I have a goal to read over 100 books this year. so far, so good!

Pendragon:The Pilgrims of Rayne~ DJ MacHale (547 pgs)
Dark Magic bk4~Cate Tiernan (186 pgs)
Pendragon bk 9: Raven Rise~DJ MacHale (544 pgs)
Awakening bk5~Cate Tiernan (188 pgs)
Spellbound bk6~Cate Tiernan (190 pgs)
The Calling bk 7~Cate Tiernan(189 pgs)
Changeling bk8~Cate Tiernan (188 pgs)
The Lightning Thief~Rick Riordan (375 pgs)
Diary of a Wimpy Kid~Jeff Kinney (217 pgs)
Strife bk9~Cate Tiernan (188 pgs)

10 books, 2812 pgs

The Lightning Thief was my favorite from this month. Action, adventure, mystery.... and a movie coming out!
I love stories where kids get to be the hero. I know several kids at my school who have read and love this series. RECOMMENDED!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a very quick read. I wanted to read it when I saw the movie trailer. It is so funny and if the movie is as good as the book and trailer, it's going to be hilarious.

Pilgrims of Rayne & Raven Rise are the 8th & 9th books in the Pendragon series. Bobby Pendragon discovers he is a traveler who has to help save the different territories of Halla from the evil Saint Dane (current day Earth is known as second Earth. Bobby and his fellow travelers visit past and future Earth along with places on others "worlds") They are pretty good, but could have been better if trimmed some. I like long books as long as the story doesn't drag and these tended to drag in spots. There is one more in this series that I will get to soon. Overall, I think it is a great series for boys (and maybe some girls who like this kind of action)

The books by Cate Tiernan are part of the SWEEP series. At 17, Morgan discovers she is a blood witch from a long line of powerful witches. These books follow her as she deals with learning more about her powers, betrayal, and someone she loves trying to kill her. I love the underlying story, but some of the books could have been combined and trimmed. In every book, the author tells back story......and honestly, 10 books in I don't need to be reminded of some of these details.


ttulizzy said...

SO--which was your favorite?

sandi said...

Edited to add details!

ttulizzy said...

Oh wow, thanks! I've been wanting to read The Lightening Thief but it hasn't set on the shelf in a while. :) So it'll be a while yet. I'm reading the Hunger Games now and LOVE it. You've had a busy month!

sandi said...

Love the Hunger Games!