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2010 books- February

Seeker bk 10~ Cate Tiernan (pgs 172)
Origins bk 11~Cate Tiernan (pgs 188)
Guardian of the Gate~Michelle Zink (340 pgs)
Eclipse bk 12~Cate Tiernan (pgs 184)
Reckoning bk13~Cate Tiernan (189 pgs)
Full Circle bk 14~ Cate Tiernan (190 pgs)
Night's Child bk 15~Cate Tiernan (318 pgs)

7 books 1554 pages

cumulative- 17 books 4393 pages

I am finishing up Cate Tiernan's Sweep series. Seeker is told from Hunter's pov as he looks for his parents and tracks down someone collecting the true names of things. It was different to read Hunter's story but I didn't feel it was as strong as some of the earlier books in the series.

Origins This was the story of Morgan's ancestor Rose and is told from her perspective. It is the story of where the Dark Wave originated and gave some background on the Woodbane clan.

Guardian of the Gate is the following up to Michelle Zink's Prophecy of the Sisters. In this installment, we follow Lia as she searches for the missing pages to help her end the prophecy. She travels with her two companions and keys, Sonia & Luisa to Altus, a safe haven for the Sisters to meet her Aunt Abigail. She discovers much about herself, love, & betrayal.

Guardian of the Gate moves us closer to a final showdown between Lia & Alice. I can't wait to see what comes next!

(for the purpose of disclosure, I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher and consider Michelle as an online friend. I was in no way compensated or influenced in my review of Guardian of the Gate)

Eclipse This installment is told from both Morgan's perspective and Alisa's perspective. Alisa is the youngest member of the Kithic Coven and is not sure if she still wants to be part of the coven. She discovers something about her late mom that changes her outlook. At the same time Morgan and Hunter are still battling Ciaran and trying to find a way to stop a Dark Wave.

Eclipse moved along better than the previous two books. A major event happens close to the end of the book and I am curious about the fallout

Reckoning is the 13th book in the Sweep series. This one is told solely from Alisa's pov. She is still coming to terms with being a witch and runs off to Massachusetts to meet and get to know her late mother's family. There, she helps uncover the reason behind the strange hauntings at her grandmother's house.

I do enjoy getting to know some of the back story with some of the characters from this series and it's interesting seeing how Alisa works through what she learns. I hope a certain male friend of hers shows back up
Full Circle is another installment written from dual perspectives- Hunter and Morgan. Morgan is being haunted in her dreams from someone from her past. Hunter has given up being Seeker but is approached by someone who needs his services to help check on the leader of her Coven. (I'm not wanting to spoil too much)

While I did enjoy this one, there were times I felt Hunter's part was forced

Night's Child is the final book in the Sweep series. I was a little worried since this one jumps ahead 20 years when Morgan has a 15 yr old daughter,Moira Byrne. Moira discovers some painful truths about her family that shakes everything she has believed to its core. This one is action packed and ties up many of the loose ends. I was pleased with how this wrapped up the series.

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