Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Half Blood Prince- my thoughts

I saw Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince tonight. It was fantastic! I have read or listened to the book multiple times and, with two exceptions, the movie captured the book marvelously.

I will talk about some scenes from the movie, so if you want no spoilers you might want to stop reading here...


Still reading? good

First, I cannot get over how grown those kids are! They are so adorable and have become much better actors over time. Tom Felton was perfect as a tormented Draco Malfoy.
I thought that, given the limited time, they covered the majority of the major points from the book (except that Bill was not in it so he wasn't mauled by Greyback)

And speaking of the wtf moment came when the Burrow was attacked and burned. Not only was it not in the book at all, I didn't see where it served any purpose in the story. To show that Harry can be tracked down? The Burrow is supposed to have almost as many protections while Harry is there as Hogwarts. I'm not buying it. That was the most troubling bit.
The second bothersome part was that Harry was not stupefied under his invisibility cloak during the Astronomy Tower scene. Harry would not just stand there. Maybe, just maybe, he thought Snape was really going to help but still, DD could have stupefied him after he went down a level.

Other than those two bits, I was extremely happy with how this movie was done. I thought the death scene was well done (and the "Severus, Please" part-wow) I (along with about everyone else in the theater) cried when everyone held their lit wands up.

This is the best movie of the series so far and I cannot wait to see how they do Deathly Hallows.


David Deaton said...

As far as the burrow scene goes, I didn't really have a problem with it. From what I understand, they really wanted the idea of them being in real danger and thus they included the scene .IDK. The only thing I didn't like about it was the fact that the house burns down and yet we never see the result of that? I mean HELLO there whole house just burnt down and yet there is no resolution as to how it was resolved or what happened. Meh.

I was a little disapointed with the lack of information given to Harry as far as Voldemorts obsession with Hogwarts and what he might have chosen to use as a horcrux.I felt they did a good job of explaining what they are just not what they could be? I am kind of curious as to how they are going to give Harry a certain direction to go in with the next movie seeing as how that little bit of information is given. Also they didn't even show the crown in the room of the requirements... as of right now it seems that Harry is going to have no clue what to look for.

I also thought Ginny and Harry's relationship was not fully developed. There were a lot of cute flirty moments between them and yeah they did kiss but in private therefore nobody knew and flash forward

to the end and Hermione is like "Ron doesn't care about you dating Ginny just don't go snogging in front of him" I immediately thought that was ruckus because they never really were in a relationship like they were in the book but it can't be perfect I guess.

Speaking of the ending, I thought it was very weak. I think having the actualy funeral scene would have been better. The one thing I liked about the ending to Half-Blood Prince was that it left you with all the questions like is Hogwarts going to be open next year? What's going to happen now that Dumbledore's dead?etc. It just was a really emotional ending that set up the finale in a really good way. In the movie you don't get that since of just how much things are going to change and what they are in store for.

Besides all that I loved it. I really enjoyed Lavender and Luna. Luna had some really small screen time but she stole it each time she was in it. LOVE HER. Also, I'm a big fan of Neville and he was like two scenes!?!? And I have to give kudos to Emma Watson because that scene between her and Harry in the stairwell was really good. For once I felt the emotion was genuine instead of "acting" and honestly it really moved me. And I also really enjoyed the cave scene!

Since I've pretty much written a whole book myself, I am going to shut it now! Ha.

David said...

Woah and holy grammatical errors left and right. Need an edit button asap! LOL

Gina said...

I did not like the part about the Weasley's house burning. I also hated that they did not show the funeral scene. I thought the movie was pretty good. Too me, other than Dumbledore dying, this was the least eventful book. It was the book that explained it all so not as much drama. I am ready for the next movie now.

sandi said...

I did feel they rushed some things (the relationships, etc) But I read an article just the other day about why they decided not to include the funeral. The director said that they filmed it, but that it felt like when he died, the movie ended and it felt like another ending. It made sense. It didnt change the essence of the story (like they did with My Sister's Keeper. I refuse to see that one)

Emma was fantastic in that scene in the hallway!

There is so much story in these books. we'd still be a the theater watching if they put everything in....I keep telling myself that.

Ronnell said...

Well I think that they will have plenty of time for all of the explanations and relationship-developments for deathly hollows as it's already been officially marked that it's going to be split into two movies (like Dead Man's Chest and At World's End, for example). So I'm sure they'll cover the ground of unanswered questions.
As far as The Burrow goes, I liked the scene. The direction, setting, lighting, and pace was just breathtaking, not to mention Nicholas Hooper's lavish score. It's boring to know every aspect of the plot, so I thought it was a nice surprise. But if it burned down to the ground *completely* then I think that does put a hitch in the wedding scene for the 7th movie, don't you think???
By the by Sandi, how did you like The Pocket Watch? Well, mounds of grammatical err's and mispellings aside...

Laurahtje said...

I guess I should have read this post first. lol

I thought Fawkes flying away at the end was so sad and sweet. I think I teared up then SO I cried 4 times then. :)

Wim couldn't understand the whole Draco and that closet thing. He said, "Is he trying to repair it so he can steal from that shop?" lol
I told him it was much worse and that he would have to see.
For him not reading the book he had a lot of questions but he said it was the most enjoyable one yet. He loved the extra funniness. Me too!
And they do look so mature now. Hermione gets more beautiful every year.
I can't even remember any Neville scenes. What did he do again?
Luna was cute as usual. I loved her specs. :)