Sunday, July 19, 2009

Further thoughts on Half Blood Prince

Spoilerages abound!

I keep seeing status updates on Facebook & Twitter where people say they hated the new Harry Potter movie bc they left so much out. (Did we watch the same movie?)

Yes, there are things from the book that were left out. That is the nature of film making. They cannot take every.single.detail. from a book and put it in a movie. We'd all still be at the cinema.
Here's what I keep hearing and my opinion on them:

One thing people are complaining about is that the funeral was left out. I think this was done for a number of reason (including what the director said about it)
At the point in the movie were DD dies, it's already well over two hours in. Adding the funeral would have added more time. But most importantly, I think the raising of the lit wands was much more poignant than a funeral would have been (and less costly).

Another thing people are complaining about is the missing battle at the end. I think (and this is only my opinion remember) they left it out bc
1. they ended Order of the Phoenix with a battle at the Ministry. Ending with a major death instead of a battle seems to flow better, movie wise.
2. there is going to be an EPIC battle at Hogwarts at the end of movie 7 part two (at least there better be). Ending with Dumbledore's death sets the stage for what's coming.

As an avid, rabid, dorky Harry Potter fan, I was quite ok with how they ended it.

I was not, however, ok with the burning of the Burrow. I have heard two theories on that and neither justify it enough. One was that the movie needed more action at that point (puh leez) and the other is that Helena Bonham Carter's contract may have called for more face time (not good enough).

I was also rather miffed that Dumbledore did not freeze Harry in place when Draco confronted him. How heartbreaking it was when I read that part in the book when Harry realized that DD was really dead bc the jinx broke.

Mark thought -and upon further reflection I agree- that they could have used a little more explanation about the Horcruxes and about why the Dementors and Death Eaters were attacking Muggles at the start. For someone (the hubs) who had not read the book, those were a little confusing.

However, none of what I disliked was enough for me to say that I "hated" the movie or that it "sucked", as many have so eloquently put it. And from what I understand, JK Rowling signed off on the changes (including the pointless Burrow scene).


David said...

Yesterday I went and saw it a 2nd time with a few other people. Both had read the books and one loved it and one didn't really care for it. She's such a purists and just couldn't let all of the little things go. She liked it but kept picking it apart.

I just think it's insanely crazy that we are now 6 films into the series and people still have yet to grasp the idea that film and literature are two different mediums. Honestly, I like the idea that the films aren't 100% exactly like the books because I would probably be bored. It's exciting walking into the film knowing that it is going to be slightly different. Makes it more entertaining for me. There are some things that I wish where in the movie (Mainly my little man Dobby!) but I quite like them.

I remember reading somewhere this past week that producer David Heyman said the final battle will probably be at least 30 minutes long so I think we have a lot to look forward to in the next few years.

sandi said...

I read that also about the final battle being 30 min long. It'll be epic! (love that word!)

While it's disappointing, I understand them leaving Dobby out of some of the other films, but he HAS to be in the last one. That is a crucial scene (OH! I just remembered seeing stills from that scene at Shell cottage- He's in!)

I love seeing how film makers interpret parts of books I adore. for ex, I really liked how they did Slughorn's chair.

You can pick a part a movie so much that you start to question what you liked about it to begin with.....

Laurahtje said...

I loved the movie!
Sure I missed that ending battle, but I still have that scene in my imagination. The movie is the movie and I think he did a great job.
I assume that in 7 Dumbledore will have left them more clues in his will because they really have no clue where to start except for RAB.
And he's dead so he's not going to be much help.
But then again Kreacher knows some stuff and he's alive.
How do you think that Horacrux info will be passed on to Harry now that Dumbledore is gone?

And also I have not heard anyone say that they didn't love it!
It also got high ratings in Rotton Tomatoes.
Our local paper said it was good, but that it was made purely as a placeholder for the big finale. Which would make 1-6 all placeholders as well in that logic.

Ronnell said...

I don't care if they put leaves between wax paper for three hours in the next film, I'm just so very giddy to know that John Hurt will be reprising his role as Olivander and Bill Nighy will be Scrimgour (since that's how I imagined him whilst reading book 7... it's like how I imagined Bella as Kristen Stewert after seeing Messengers and then learning that she'd been cast :D)