Monday, June 22, 2009

Book Contest! The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy & Goth Girl

I have a *signed* copy of The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy & Goth Girl by Barry Lyga to give away!

Fanboy is a little on the geeky side. He is a favorite target of bullies at school. His mom is married to a younger guy and is pregnant leaving him to feel left out at home. But he loves graphic novels and is secretly working on one of his own.
And his life begins to change when he meets Kyra- also known as Goth Girl- a girl who hates bullies & jocks and loves graphic novels as much as he does. He starts to have more confidence in himself because of Goth Girl, but is she hiding her own secrets?

Fanboy was the first book by Barry Lyga that I read. I first picked it up because of the cool title and loved it. I got to meet him in NYC this past March and bought a copy of Boy Toy (not connected to Fanboy but also fabulous!) I am eagerly awaiting Goth Girl Rising.

In the meantime, I am giving away not only the signed Fanboy, but also three postcards and a bookmark showcasing the other books.

Here's how to enter-
*You'll get 1 entry just for commenting here telling me that you want to enter(the first comment you make on this post).

*You'll get 2 entries for being a follower of this blog (Just click follow up there -----> to become a follower)

*You'll get 2 entries for reposting about this contest on your site (please post the link here, if you don't mind, so I can see it!)

*You'll also get 1 entry for anyone that you refer to this contest- just tell them to mention your name

What are you waiting for? Enter! The contest will close June 30!!

*Comments are now closed. Thanks to all that entered. Winner will be announced in the next couple of days!


Anonymous said...

+1 for commenting.
This book sounds really good, and it is autographed, how cool is that?
+2 for following..

Thank you!

Roy H. Wilhite, Jr. said...

hey! It's me...Roy! Enter me! hehehe


Shooting Stars Mag said...

I've wanted to read this one for a long time so I would love to be entered. And autographed is awesome.

-now following you

And yes, your link worked just fine. Thanks for participating in the carnival. :)

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

Cindy said...

I would love to win!

+1 For commenting

+2 Following
+2 Posting on sidebar under contests!

cnhand84 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Already a follower. Will let you know when I post to my blog.

deltay said...

I really like the background of this layout! Anyway, the book sounds awesome, and autographed things are just that much sweeter :)

+2 Sidebar linked on my blog at on the left sidebar under the CONTESTS heading.

lucidconspiracy at gmail dot com

Amanda said...

Cool that you got to meet him! I've wanted to read a different book by him for awhile, but hadn't heard of this one. It sounds fun. Please count me in, too.


minishoes1 said...

I would LOVE,LOVE to read this!I am glad I seen this giveaway!Thanks!

I am a new follower.

Kristen said...

+1 Enter me! -
+2 Became a follower
+2 Posted contest on sidebar:


Polo.Pony said...

+2: I'm going to follow!
+1: Commented :)

Thanks for the giveaway!

Diana Dang said...

Please enter me!

Becamea follower!

faked_sugartone at hotmail

Breanna said...

Great contest! I've wanted to get my hands on a copy of this book for a while. It sounds great. Please enter me! +1

I just became a follower +2

Thanks for the contest :)


Maryellen said...

what a wonderful giveaway, count me in ! and I am a follower now as well...Love the background photo for your blog :)
Starlight Writer ~ Maryellen

ReaderGirl said...

Ooh I want in!

Linked here

And I'm a follower! ^^


ReaderGirl Reviews

Jake Lsewhere said...

Looks like a good read, please enter me into this drawing.

I'm also a recent follower of your blog.

Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

Graciela said...

im following you!!!

and im commenting :D


throuthehaze said...

Count me in please!

+1 for commenting
+2 blogged:

throuthehaze at gmail dot com

Jake Lsewhere said...

I've also blogged about this giveaway here.


ellie_enchanted said...

Um... Is the contest international? I hope so :)
If so, please enter me!

Ikutorocks12 said...

Wow this sounds quite cool, and funny. Is it international? If so I'll enter. My email is - miriamfrancos[at]dsl[dot]pipex[dot]com

Tasha said...

+1 for commenting
+2 for following

Thanks for the contest!

Kim said...

+1 for commenting - Thanks for the contest! This looks really interesting, I've never read his work before.

+2 Became a follower


Linna said...

I just stumble on your blog and enjoy reading your reviews. If this is international, please do enter me. Hope to win the book. :D

Llehn said...

I'd love to play! Thanks!


kaymf said...

Awesome contest!

Book Spot said...

Winning would be fantasticamacally amazing! (and +2 for following!)


Kristi said...

I'd love to win - and I am now following your blog!

kherbrand at comcast dot net

Paige said...

I'd like to enter. :)
+ I'm a follower.

Alexa said...

Enter me please!
+2 I'm a follower.
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Beth said...

Would love to win this - thanks!

Steph Su said...

Barry's book sounds so interesting!

I follow you now.
I've linked to my sidebar here:


stephxsu at gmail dot com

ikkinlala said...

I'd like to enter, please.

ikkinlala AT yahoo DOT ca

austenfan said...
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Limerick said...

I'd like to enter, please. It sounds like a great book!

I'm following you now :)

emily said...

not only are you givng away a copy, but a signed copy?
id love to be entered!
it sounds like a great book.
my name is emily.

Lauren said...

I would love to be entered! :)

+2 I'm a follower.

+2 I link on my blog's sidebar here:

austenfan said...

If this is international, I'd love to be entered. :)

+2 I followed your blog.

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Ronnell D. Porter said...

I WANNA ENTER!!! This sounds a lot like one of my favorite movies, "Gypsy 83", mostly due to the gothic undertone, and the mention of FanBoys... so it's right up my alley! ;)
lol I made a blog just to enter and follow so give me my +1 for commenting and +2 for following you lit tease, you

Ronnell D. Porter said...

aaaaaaaaaaaand now some more points for this:

Laina said...

Is it okay if I enter? I might be getting this, but I'd be giving it away, as well, but I'd love to have one to keep for myself.

If it's cool with you...

+2 Following now.
+2 I linked here:

Liyana said...

Hey Sandi!

please count me in thanks!

Paradox said...

Enter me please! I've been wanting to read this book!

I just became a follower.

paradoxrevealed (at) aim (dot) com

*Samantha* said...

I've so been wanting to read this!
Enter me please

I follow
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xdaisyx said...

+1 I'd love to be entered! Hope I can win this!
+2 I follow