Thursday, June 04, 2009

lessons in spray tanning

I went to Florida last week and it was fabulous. A well deserved and much needed vacation. The weather was beautiful, the water was not too cold (and there was no icky slime in the ocean, just spots where some of that grass stuff was floating)

I've *almost* gotten to a place where I am comfortable in public in a bathing suit. I have a cute turquoise and brown tankini (which is much better than the wholesome wear suits . Guess I'm not too wholesome) We spent several days on the beach and in the ocean which meant I had to walk to and from my ocean side chair without my coverup. I say *almost* bc I am still not ready to be seen by someone I know.

Anyway, vanity got the better of me before we went and I decided that instead of subjecting the other beach goers to my vampire-white legs I'd get a spray tan. I had never done this before so it was quite.......interesting. She told me that the ocean and pool would make the tan either fade or strip it completely so I was prepared. The first couple of days were fine. Then it started happening........the streaks. I wasn't like it was tan-looking one day then..... POOF.....all white.


My legs looked like I was losing pigment. I am in no way making fun of people who have to deal with vitiligo but that's exactly what my legs looked like (the spray tan was darker there). We were in walking distance of Pier Park, a shopping and dining area, so I went looking for an exfoliant. The lady from Merle Norman was really helpful bc instead of selling me the $40 per drop stuff they had in there she told me about another place that had some cheaper stuff. I found a Bath & Body works instead. I got some of this and let me tell ya- while it didnt strip the tan off, it smelled wonderful and made my skin silky smooth.

It's been a week and a half since the spray tan and there are places around my feet and ankles that look rusty. Lesson learned.

So, what goofy thing have you done in the name of vanity?


Laurahtje said...

I had no idea that happened with a spray tan. It seems funny because it's that why most people want one? So they look good at the beach or at the pool? But it can't get wet...hmmmm?
My brother's girlfriend told me she was embarrassed actually getting the spray tan. And then all the other girls that were also in the conversation added what experiences they thought would be worse or more embarrassing than a spray tan.
So now hearing your story I will remember to advise everyone not to do it. :)

I'm getting my hair done today. I have basically had the same hair since I was born so it will be a little scary. Hopefully I will love it and in the future I won't be so afraid of doing anything.

Glad you had fun in Florida.
Thanks for writing about it!

sandi said...

I wore an old two piece bathing suit and I know the lady that owns the place and does the spraying. Getting it wasn't that big of a deal, I just had to remember not to touch my leg or anything (which I did a couple of times)

Send me a pic of yourself once you get your hair done. I want to see! :)