Thursday, March 26, 2009

NYC 2009

A group from the school where I teach went to New York over spring break. Being the NY fan that I am, I went as well. On these trips you pack as many things in as possible and in some cases you get just a fleeting glimpse. It was a fun trip but we spent waaaay too much time on shopping excursions and very little time in Times Square and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

A few highlights:
*We got to go out on the observation deck this year at the Empire State Building (it was icy last time). NYC is gorgeous at night at that height.

*The Statue of Liberty is an awesome sight regardless of how many times I see it.

*Instead of going with the group to Chinatown and eat at Puglia's in Little Italy, I went to the Books of Wonder bookstore to an author signing. There were about 45 authors there. I bought 7 books (bc I had to pay full retail I couldn't afford many more). The authors signed in three shifts and it was a madhouse trying to find the author you wanted.
The authors I found:
Aimee Friedman -The Year My Sister Got Lucky
Maureen Johnson-13 Little Blue Envelopes
Barry Lyga- Boy Toy (he also wrote The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Gothgirl, which is fantastic)
Carolyn Mackler-The Earth, My Butt, & other Big Round Things
Justine Larbalestier-How to Ditch Your Fairy
Maryrose Wood-Why I Let My Hair Grow Out (she was kind enough to sign my book even though it wasn't her time. I had to leave in order to ride the subway to meet the others fot Mary Poppins)
Marie Rutkoski-The Cabinet of Wonders (she is also a fellow Battlestar Galactica fan!)

*We saw Mary Poppins. It was a good show & the sets were amazing. I didn't get to stagedoor afterward like I wanted to but I did buy the poster with the cast signatures that they were selling for charity.

*We spent THREE HOURS shopping on 5th avenue. #1 I am not a huge shopping fan. #2 I don't have the money to spend in stores on 5th avenue. #3 I would have preferred to have spent that time in Times Square. But I did buy socks and camis in H&M. And I saw a beautiful sapphire and diamond necklace in Tiffany's that I want if I ever become stupidly wealthy (as in more-money-than-sense wealthy.)

*We saw Mario Lopez filming a segment for Extra. AC SLATER!

*We took the NBC tour and saw the studios for Saturday Night Live (it's so small!) and the Today Show.

*We stood outside the Today Show and got on tv. If you were watching at 7:30 Tuesday morning you might have seen me!

*We had only one hour in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. That was barely enough time to find the part I wanted to see and run through that tiny section. I needed more time!

*I made my way to the Nederlander, where RENT was, to see what the theatre looks like now. I was curious about how different it would look.

Over all it was a great trip. Few people griped about things, most people were on time and when we did have to wait it was only a couple of minutes. It is hard to please everyone on trips like this, but I think they did a great job planning this one. So far I've made four trips to NYC in two years. Wonder when my next one will be.....


bb mumblings said...

you makey me wanna be a teacher

sandi said...

bb- I bet you'd be a great teacher :)