Tuesday, January 22, 2008

tagged-my turn again

you know the rules.....if you're tagged, you post 10 weird/random things about yourself. Then you tag others.....however I am just gonna leave it open ended and say whoever reads this needs to do it :)

1. I'd rather hang out with people younger than me than with people my age...they aren't afraid to laugh and act goofy.

2. I used to HATE pepsi...but I would rather drink diet pepsi than any other soft drink now.

3. I hate little green peas.

4. I watched all three extended editions of the Lord of the Rings movies in one day (they are about 4hours long a piece)

5. I email authors (or get in touch other ways) to let them know when I love their books....usually they write back and that makes me GIDDY!

6. Although I consider myself a tolerant person in most repsects, I have little tolerance or patience for stupidity

7. I dont like talking to the telephone.

8. I want more piercings in my ears.

9. I dont understand people's obsession with Grey's Anatomy, Sex in the City, Dancing with the Stars, etc.....

10. I love the theatre (not cinema) so much and I want to be part of that world.

now...I'm tagging everyone who reads this (heh, I cheated, I know)

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