Sunday, January 20, 2008

Happiness is....

So I have been putting off writing this blog....I really cant describe the reasons. I think it has to do with the finality of it.

Of course, I am talking about the closing of Rent. (what else?)
It is really hard to explain to someone why the show has meant so much to me. Why it made the impact that it did....I suppose the main themes of acceptance, love, & sense of community speak volumes, as do the lyrics of the songs "Will I?" and "Seasons of Love".
After two of my friends died almost a year apart, Seasons of Love took on a whole new meaning to me. (How do you measure a year?) Life is too short to waste opportunities. (That is a whole 'nother blog.)

But that's not why I am posting THIS blog.....well, not exactly. If you remember when I went to NY this past November, I had tickets to see Rent but didn't get to because of the strike. It meant a lot for me to see it where it all began, even though I have seen the touring version several times.

What you may not know is that in addition to my full time teaching job, I have several little side jobs and stash what I make at those into a travel fund. The main purpose of that is to visit Europe one day. But the closing of Rent, and my last chance to see my favorite show at The Nederlander, is important.

So, I'm going to New York again with the main purpose of seeing Rent on Broadway before it closes. And the coolest part is that I get to share this experience with two of my favorite people, neither of whom have been to NY before, and both of whom love Rent as much as I do.

Crazy? Perhaps. But worth it....even if I do have to keep saving for Europe.

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