Saturday, January 26, 2008


People magazine is reporting that the New Kids on the Block, the 80s pop boy-band, is planning on making a comeback!,,20174022,00.html

A piece of info about me- in the late 80s/early 90s I was OBSESSED with the New Kids. My bedroom was completely covered in posters. and I mean every free piece of wall was taken. I bought every magazine with them on the cover in order to get the poster. I had videos, all the casettes, anything else that I could find with them on it.

Joe was my "favorite" New Kid. I had a t-shirt, buttons, and a Barbie-sized doll of him.
I think it was the eyes that did it.

I saw them in concert TWICE (Tiffany was with them. In related news, I also saw Debbie Gibson, Slaughter, Danger Danger, and KISS-sans makeup- in concert. Not at the same time, of course.)

And I am such a pack rat and won't throw anything out....that I still have ALL of it. Everything is in a box in the attic. I pulled the shirt and buttons out a couple of years ago when we had an 80s party.

The last couple of albums they put out weren't really all that good (not that the first ones were, but Hanging Tough was pretty darn catchy, and Please Don't go Girl made my 16 year old heart swoon), and by 1992 I was heading off to college and being introduced to Depeche Mode, Nirvana, They Might be Giants, and other groups that weren't played on local radio stations, so I fell out of love with the New Kids.

I am not sure this reuniting is a good idea, but it is fun to meander down memory lane.

Here Joni & I at dress up for 80s night. Note the pinch-rolled jeans, pastel make-up and big hair...

Here Mark, as a Miami Vice wanna-be, and Glen shred some air-guitar

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