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The Hidden Girl: A True Story of the Holocaust

The Hidden Girl: A True Story of the Holocaust - non fiction

Kaufman, Lola Rein, and Lois Metzger. The Hidden Girl: A True Story of the Holocaust. New York: Scholastic, Inc. 2008. Print.

ISBN-13: 9780545200530

Summary: Eight year old Lola goes into hiding when her mother is shot and killed by a Nazi soldier. First, she goes with a Ukrainian woman but is almost discovered. Then she is sent to a farm and hides in a hole with another family. The only possession she has is an embroidered dress her mother made for her. After the war, she is shuffled between various homes and is finally reunited with an uncle. Like many other hidden children, she remained silent about her time during the war for many years and finally began to tell her story when she was contacted about donating items to the Holocaust museum. 

Strength/Weaknesses: This autobiography is a glimpse into what it was like for children during World War II who had to go into hiding to survive. The reader will sympathize with Lola while she is hiding with strangers in a hole at a farm, not being able to talk aloud, stand up, or go outside the hole and living in constant fear of being discovered.
The writing is a little choppy. It is written in present tense and seems to jump rather quickly from one scene to the next.
Overall, it is a look into one girl’s story of her time during the Holocaust and how she survived because of the kindness and bravery of non-Jewish strangers. 

Uses: This book could be used to supplement a unit on World War II or when discussing autobiographies. This website has some more examples of books that can be used in the classroom

The website for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum also has a list of books dealing with this topic.

Lola Rein Kaufman and Lois Metzger spoke about the book and Mrs. Kaufman’s experience here

Audience: The Hidden Girl:A True Story of the Holocaust is recommended for ages 9-13.

Read-alikes: There are many books dealing with children’s experience during the Holocaust. A few examples are: Escape: Children of the Holocaust by Allan Zullo, The Girl Who Survived: A True Story of the Holocaust by Bronia Brandman & Carol Bierman, I Am a Star: Child of the Holocaust by Inge Auerbacher 

Awards: This book has won no awards.

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