Friday, January 01, 2010

2009 in review

In 2009:
I visited New York City, Panama City Beach (and surrounding areas), Philadelphia, St Louis (twice to see shows)

I saw Mary Poppins on Broadway, the tours of: Rent with Anthony Rapp, Wicked, In the Heights, the concerts of:the Indigo Girls, New Kids on the Block, Jennifer Knapp

I met lots and lots of my favorite authors and actors from my favorite musicals

I learned I am not half bad as a theatre actor and was in two plays

I began voice & piano lessons and realized that I can sing and play the piano (tho not at the same time and I'm better at singing)

I accomplished my goal of reading 100 books

I drove through Nashville & Murfreesboro by myself for the first time

I started working with a college color guard

I lost a friendship

I reconnected with someone

I said goodbye to a man who has known me since birth and who was a very good friend of my parents

I got to teach high school algebra

I had surgery for the first time

I lost a dog and gained a cat

My goals for 2010:
Read more books
meet more people
rid myself of the negative
get healthier (once my foot is healed)
sing in front of people
write my book

(it's nearly 3 am and I have probably forgotten something. I may add more later)


Krista/Tower of Books said...

2009 was quite a year for you. Hopefully, 2010 will be even more fantastic. :D

bb mumblings said...

wow. just wow.

Maroussia said...

It will be great to watch Mary Poppins, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.