Sunday, October 05, 2008


I hate politics.

I hate that the choices we have are the only ones we got.

I hate the media has shoved this election down our throats for so long that I have considered not even voting
(I'm going to vote for a president, but only because I'll already be there to vote in the local elections-which is the only reason I registered recently)

I hate that people automatically assume that
just bc I'm a woman, I'll vote for_________
just bc I'm from the south, I'll vote for________
just bc I believe in God
, I'll vote for________
just bc I am a teacher
, I'll vote for________

Honestly, I don't even know for sure who I am voting for yet (and I've flip-flopped many times so far) and I sure as heck won't be telling anyone, nor will I be swayed by the media or anyone else.

Don't assume that you know anything about my political, religious, or personal beliefs. It just might surprise you to learn the truth.

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