Thursday, April 10, 2008

They're gone.....

I ate the last handful of my JOLLY RANCHER jelly beans today... One of my students gave me a couple mini bags (they have maybe 10 beans in them) and Debra and Amber had a regular bag left over from a pre school activity so I was able to extend my habit a couple more weeks.



on a different, yet equally annoying, note: I heard of an adult at my school who said about the Twilight books- "Those have vampires in them, they should be banned." AND "I hope they don't lead kids to do things like the Harry Potter books did'"


Luckily I wasnt in the room when she said this (I heard it second-hand, so it *might* be a misquote....but I *doubt* it)
Had *I* been in there I *would* have asked her what, exactly, that the Harry Potter books have caused kids to do (other than *read*) cuz, ya know, I *really* don't care if someone thinks less of me for challenging these kinds of statements.
(Ok, I'm done with the **s now)

Some people live itheir lives with such huge blinders on.

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