Monday, April 14, 2008

a lil humor at my expense

I am posting this because I know you all could use a good chuckle. Please read this all the way through before watching. You have to know the background.

I went to a small, private university in West TN called Freed Hardeman University. (Not that it's important but-It's a church of Christ school, I am no longer a member of that church.)
We did not have fraternities or sororities, but we had co-ed social clubs. I was in Alpha Tau Lambda. Every year the school had something called Makin' Music. They used this as a recruiting tool as well as a fundraiser. During this, the social clubs took songs and changed the lyrics to fit a 6-ish minute show. We practiced for weeks working on our songs and "choreography" (since the churches of Christ don't believe in dancing). We also had students who served as Hosts and Hostesses who sang numbers between club shows (it always reminds me of Makin Music when American idol has the contestants sing some medley all together)

Anyway, this video is from my FRESHMAN year in 1993 (please don't mention that was fifteen years ago!)

See if you can find me.

Here is our take on Romeo and Juliet. (we won first place in lyrics this year.)

Then the following year (that'd be 1994 for those of you keeping up), I was one of the directors of our show. I don't plan to upload this video but here's a group foto.....again, see if you can spot me!

A trip down memory lane......don't laugh too hard.

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