Friday, July 15, 2011

Harry Potter & the Epic Conclusion


I went to the midnight premiere of Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows pt2 last night with several friends. It was amazing.
It picks up right where the last left off (so you really have to watch pt1). From the first moment to the last it was quite a ride- suspenseful, scary, touching, funny, sweet...

It wasn't the sob-fest I had thought it would be. I got a little misty-eyed a few times, though. I am ready to see it again! & I really would like to see it in regular-D instead of 3-D. I went back & forth with the 2D glasses at first but the 3D ones worked better here. I think something was wrong with the projection or something bc part of the screen stayed fuzzy.

Here are some of my highlights from my first viewing (in no particular order):
*Daniel Radcliffe absolutely killed as Harry Potter. He has improved so much over the years & I think he was channeling the boy wizard straight from the pages of the novel. When he stepped out from the crowd during Snape's assembly I cheered (which I did quite a few times throughout)

*I simply adored every moment Professor McGonagall was onscreen- from her duel with Snape to her awakening the suits of armor (and that coy little way she delivered that line! "I've always wanted to use that spell") to her absolutely heartbreaking expression when she thought Harry was dead.

*Molly Weasley got her moment! "Not my daughter you bitch!" Way to kick ass, Molly! more cheering for you!

*Neville! Not only has he become a hottie, but he ain't taking no crap! Loved loved loved where he said something to the effect of "Where's Luna? I got the hots & I want to tell her since we'll probably both be dead by morning." AH! & their sweet moment at the end.

*Oh Luna- "you listen to me, Harry Potter!" You tell him, girl!

*Every single scene with Harry & Ginny. (& her agonizing cry when she sees Harry dead)

*Helena Bonham Carter as Hermione-as-Bellatrix.

*Snape's last moments- Alan Rickman is amazing & I have a crush on him.

*Ron & Hermione kiss! & the audience cheers!

*The Forest Again- My favorite chapter in the entire series (really, in any book I've ever read) is chapter 34 of the Deathly Hallows, when Harry makes his final walk to meet Voldemort. "Does it hurt when you die?" <-- that line got me in the book AND the movie. That whole scene is heart-wrenching.

*King's Cross scene was well done also, but EWWW Horcrux Voldy was gross.

*I am SO GLAD they refilmed the Epilogue. They looked so much better than the early pictures....and looked closer to the correct age!

My not-so-hi-lights:
*My only complaint, really, is that Harry did not use the Elder wand to repair his own. Um, that's kind of important.

There were a few other things that I either wished they had done differently or wish they had included. I'll try to add more to this as I think about it (with my fuzzy, sleep deprived brain).


Laurahtje said...

Ok here are my favorite scenes:

The whole Dragon/Gringotts escape scene was awesome. I loved the dragon. I got a little teary-eyed when I saw how sad he looked all chained up.
Helena Bonham Carter was great as Hermione playing her.

I loved the first time Harry steps out into Hogwarts and they played the Harry Potter music and everyone cheered.
I teared up when McGonagal did the spell to animate the knights.

I loved the young Snape and Lily.Lily had perfect red fairy tale hair. And Snape was super cute.
I wish that scene was longer and then showed them as teenagers. I wanted to see him crush on her from a far. But that whole scene was very beautifully done.

People cheered when Neville killed the snake. It was pretty heroic scene.

The effects were beautiful. All the wand battles were gorgeous.

I cried when he walked through the forest to his death. And I cried when Ginny screamed. So gut wrenching!
They did a good job with the end. :)

sandi said...

I did not pay attention to the music! I am seeing it again on Sunday & will have to pay attention to that this time.
I loved the Snape/Lily scenes too.