Thursday, April 01, 2010

Harry Potter and the disappointed Sandi

My name is Sandi and I am a Potternerd.

When I heard that Universal Studios was transforming part of their park into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter I could hardly contain my glee. The more i heard about it, the pictures that were posted on The Leaky Cauldron website, the more excited I became. I would have the chance to see Hogwarts! I could get a WAND from OLIVANDERS! I could try Butterbeer! OMG!

Then I found out they were planning to open the park in the Spring of 2010.
Since my parents, Mark & I were planning to take my nephew to Disney World I planned to get a couple of tickets to Universal and spend part of the day geeking out.

I took a gamble, partly because my dad & I are pre-planners and want to get things in place and scheduled ahead of time, and partly because I figured they meant Spring as in "the time before Memorial Day" since that day is usually the unofficial start of summer for most tourist hotels. I got a little excited when they started offering their vacation packages for trips taken beginning May 25.

Boy, did I lose out on that gamble. BIG TIME.

I guess technically June 18 IS still Spring, but it is, what, THREE days before summer....and about two weeks after I am there.


And the biggest slap in the face? They are letting people who bought their packages in to that part of the park. Which, really, is only the right thing to do. But if they can let them in, why not all of us? I am tempted to stand at the gate and gaze longingly at the people who were lucky enough to be in there.

The bright side is that NCTE (that conference I go to where I meet all the awesome authors) is in Orlando this year, so I'll try again later this year.

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Laurahtje said...

That is really sad. I was afraid to make reservations because of that very thing and we are not rich enough to go twice. I haven't been to Orlando since the 80s!
So we are trying to decide when we are going? Maybe spring or summer of 2011.
I'm glad you get to go in the fall. Take a million photos for me.