Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Hunter's Moon

The Hunter's Moon is another in the Chronicles of Faerie by O.R. Melling. In this captivating tale, Gwen and her Irish cousin Findabhair decide to spend the night in a mound known for fairy magic. Gwen awakens from a dream to find Findabhair gone- taken by the King of Faerie. In her quest to rescue her cousin she discovers that there is something sinister going on and she may turn out to be a sacrifice while her cousin may have gone willingly. Gwen meets new friends on her journey, discovers she is stronger than she thought, and falls in love.

Melling has again painted an amazing picture of Faerie. Her books draw the reader in and make one long for a little fairy magic.

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Kari said...

OMG! This book was awesome! I finished it a couple of weeks ago. Once I got started I just wanted to keep going! She is a great author and I'd like to read more of her stuff